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5 Must-Have Traits of Your Workout Wingman

The five characteristics every gym-goers' right-hand man (or women) should have.

2. Pre- and Post-Workout Texter

You might be the most fired up, determined athlete on the planet, but sometimes the excitement just isn't there. Maybe you're stressed at work, you didn't get much sleep, or you just flat-out don't feel like getting up and going. On those days when your usual Superman tendencies fall flat the right training partner can keep you—and your motivation—in the game. I recall instances when my training partner and I had completely different schedules and obligations, but that didn't stop us from encouraging one another. During those busy times we turned to text messaging. As simple as it sounds, you'd be surprised how a few inspiring words like, "make it happen tonight" or "don't forget to get those sets of squats in" can really get you moving. So even when you're not physically training with one another, you're going to want that partner who goes the extra mile to still be there in spirit.

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