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5 Must-Have Traits of Your Workout Wingman

The five characteristics every gym-goers' right-hand man (or women) should have.

5. Just As (or More) Disciplined Than You

At the end of the day, you and you alone are the only one who can accomplish your goals. You're the one pushing the weight, clocking in the cardio and watching what you eat. But that said, it's great to be working out with someone who's also really trying to push himself to the next level and beyond.  I've worked with incredibly motivating partners, and others that have been too dependent and sucked me dry of energy and enthusiasm. If you're hanging around a guy (or girl) who's just working out because it sounded like a good idea or they "kinda" want to get somewhere, you're just setting yourself up for limitations, or worse, failure. Find someone focused and determined who has set themselves some serious fitness goals. 

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