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The 50 Best Gyms in America

Men's Fitness teamed up with Yelp to rank the top-rated fitness centers across the country.

Thousands upon thousands of gyms, health and wellness centers, CrossFit boxes, and other assorted fitness meccas populate the 50 states.

And most of us have one in particular which we call our own and visit (hopefully) regularly. But is yours the best in the state? Men’s Fitness and Yelp worked together to bring you the best gym in each state. That's not to say there aren't plenty of other great ones out there, but these 50 gyms stood out amongst the competition.

Gyms were chosen based upon the quantity of recommended reviews and the overall star rating of each business on Yelp. 

[Chuze Fitness, Tucson, Arizona; Photo Credit:]

1. Alaska (Eagle River)

Complete with spas, massage therapists and personal trainers; you’re practically getting treated like royalty at any of the dozen The Alaska Club locations and affiliates in Anchorage. Self-defense classes and a suite of other diverse workshops can be found inside a majority of the clubs. 

What reviewers are saying: "The classes are awesome...rooms are spacious, well lit, comfortable, and clean. The instructors are AMAZING. The machines are well kept and maintained. Clean and I've never had an issue." -Caitlin E. 

Notable: Extensive set-up, highly modern facility

2. Alabama (Northport)

NorthRidge Fitness is something of a fitness lover’s oasis. Members are given a plethora of classes to choose from. They also offer personal training sessions and a number of memberships for all ages and families. Additionally, NorthRidge also functions as a CrossFit gym.

What reviewers are saying: "You will find everything you need at this gym. Separate CrossFit room, tons of machines, free weight area and a large cardio section." -Steve S. 

Notable: Fitness and nutrition tracking

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3. Arkansas (Bentonville)

There isn’t much that Walton Life Fitness Center doesn’t have. The center is an elaborate collection of swimming pools, an indoor track, basketball courts, weight and cardio rooms, free and paid classes, plus on-site child care. 

What reviewers are saying: "It is a huge gym and a great place to go! Lots of classes (free and pay - even though it is inexpensive), weight room, cardio room, indoor track, lots of swimming pools, classrooms, great child care area, and so much more!" -Summer C.

Notable: Fitness for the family

4. Arizona (Tuscan)

Inside Chuze Fitness, one will find all the amenities of a luxurious, modern-day gym. With two low-priced membership options, and an overwhelming amount of classes to choose from, Chuze Fitness gives you the most bang for your buck. 

What reviewers are saying: "I've been to several other gyms and this one by far surpasses them all. The machines and equipment are in superb well kept condition, nothing is ever out of order. The entire place is immensely clean. The hydro massage and tanning beds are awesome!" -Amanda S. 

Notable: Impressive membership options, variety 

5. California (Santa Monica)

Box N’ Burn Boxing and Fitness will have you drenched in sweat and a few pant sizes smaller in no time. Featuring a highly motivating, knowledgeable, and supportive staff of trainers, Box N’ Burn is a great gym for any guy.

What reviewers are saying: "When I'm able to go frequently, I'm definitely in the best shape of my life and it has a lot to do with the Mitt Training, Heavy Bags, and Conditioning circuit."
-Kevin K.

Notable: Diverse workout 



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