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53 Must-Follow Twitter Accounts

Looking for savvy tweets from the biggest names in exercise and nutrition? Look no further than this group of fitness industry influencers.

Twitter is chock-full of health information, but it’s hard to know which tweets offer the best nutrition and fitness advice. Look no further than Greatist’s roundup of the 53 Must-Follow Twitter Accounts for 2013. This list was compiled based on the quality of tweets and the number of interactions by the Twitter users. Finally, you can pare down your followings to the most resourceful accounts.

Some of the top tweeters:

@michaelpollan: The man knows the American food system inside and out. 

@BornFitness: Best-selling author of Engineering the Alpha, a man’s guide to building muscle, burning fat, and having better sex.

@joedowdellnyc: Contributing editor at Men’s Fitness, personal trainer and strength coach

For 50 more leading tweeters, click on over to Then check out our list of Top Pro Athlete Tweeters, and don't forget to follow @MensFitness (we're not so bad either).



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