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6 Not-So Obvious Newbie Training Mistakes

Get started down the path of fitness in the right direction by avoiding these six not-so obvious beginner mistakes.

If you’ve just started hitting the gym more frequently, or just really getting into fitness more than ever before, it’s natural to want to feel more experienced than you are. Going to the gym is just something you do now, just like that bodybuilder who hasn’t skipped a day in four years. However, you can’t be as nonchalant as the guys that have that familiarity and muscle memory that comes with years of constant work and repetition in the gym. Just constantly be mindful of the concept of making steady, progressive gains while preventing injury and you should be one of the knowledgeable, fit guys before long. We spoke with fitness expert, speaker and certified strength and conditioning specialist Steve Ettinger about what some common but not obvious mistakes are often made by new fitness buffs.

6/ Spending too much time in the gym.

This might seem ironic, but it’s a concept you should take into account for the sake of your body, and your schedule. If you’re spending two hours a day in the gym, it’s simply too much unless, perhaps, if you’re training for some competition that requires an elite level of athleticism (in which case, you’re not a newb). “Sometimes, I’ll spend a week doing 10-minute workouts when I’m just really on point,” Ettinger says. “If you’re in the gym for two hours, chances are a lot of that is just busy work.” So when you arrive at the gym, have an idea of what you want to do and work hard, and don’t take long breaks. It’s the classic quality over quantity concept.

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