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6 Not-So Obvious Newbie Training Mistakes

Get started down the path of fitness in the right direction by avoiding these six not-so obvious beginner mistakes.

3/ Trying to do too much, too soon. 

“Trying to do too much too soon might just set yourself up for failure,” Ettinger says. This is definitely related to the “Spending too much time in the gym” concept, but it’s directed more toward guys who try to go all out for as long as they can, rather than having a casual stay at the gym for hours. If you’re just getting more active again after a long hiatus (or if you’re becoming more active than ever), it’s important to understand that the results you want won’t come through in a couple weeks of practically kill yourself at the gym. Using that method will only leave you frustrated that you haven’t gone through a very noticeable transformation yet, plus you’ll need too much recovery time, if you don’t get injured first. Slow and steady wins the race – doing too much can lead to burnout.

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