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6 Not-So Obvious Newbie Training Mistakes

Get started down the path of fitness in the right direction by avoiding these six not-so obvious beginner mistakes.

1/ Lacking to have to focus.

Just going to the gym is more than half the battle, but once you get there, you might as well be making the most out of the time you’re spending. With all the commotion and different machine options, it’s easy to just wing it, which can sometimes still lead to a good, fatiguing and satisfying workout. For most guys though, it’s better to go in with a focus, knowing pretty much exactly what you want to do and how long you want it to take. “You can be looking at 20 different workout programs at once, so don’t get overwhelmed,” Ettinger says. “If you just focus on one workout that targets a few areas, you’ll see a progression of solid gains.”

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