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6 Single-Session Workouts That Will Beat You Up

Throw your workout logs and program plans out the window and give one of these six killer challenges a chance.


Greg Robins is a strength and conditioning coach at Cressey Performance, located in Hudson MA. For more great content visit his blog at Follow him on Twitter @CoachGregRobins




Greg Robin's Single Session Workout:

"This workout is a great option for those with limited equipment. Simple and to the point, this single DB complex can we used for fat loss, and a general conditioning workout as part of a larger strength training program. It's also just a great fall back workout to keep in your training journal for those days when you just need to mix it up! "

A1. Off Set Reverse Lunges A2. Bent Over Single Arm Row A3. Single Arm, Single Leg Romanian Deadlift A4. DB Single Arm Push Press A5. Reverse Crunch [DB Behind the Head]
8 reps per side 8 reps per side 8 reps per side 8 reps per side 8 reps per side

Workout Notes:

A1. Complete a reverse lunge with a DB held to the side of the trailing leg.

A2. Maintain a neutral spine and focus on squeezing the shoulder blades while not allowing the elbow to move past the torso.

A3. DB should be held in the oppoosite hand of the foot that remains on the ground.

A4. Initiate the push from the hips, not the knees. If overhead pressing presents issues, sub in with the DB floor press.

A5. Keep your keep off the ground with your heels close to the hamstrings. The DB will be behind the head with your hands on either end - your elbows are up. Bring your knees to your elbows while controling the lower portion.

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