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6 Single-Session Workouts That Will Beat You Up

Throw your workout logs and program plans out the window and give one of these six killer challenges a chance.



Mike Simone is an Associate Editor for and the founder of HUMANFITPROJECT. You can follow Mike on Twitter @Mike_Simone_.



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Mike Simone's Single Session Workout:

"This is a personal go-to circuit training workout for shedding extra fat while maintaining muscle and strength. Typically this routine is performed 3-4 days per week for 2 weeks. Movements are performed at 80% of 10 RM"

Front Squat Pull ups Deadlift DB Bench Press Hang Cleans Barbell Curl Barbell Skullcrusher Hanging Leg Lift
10 rep rep to failure 10 rep 10 rep 10 rep 10 rep 10 rep rep to failure


* Perform 4-6 rounds.


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