It’s the start of another New Year and with it comes new beginnings and renewed energy levels. Optimism has replaced frustration and for many of us that means a fresh new game plan and a whole host of New Year’s resolutions designed to help you reach your goals. Unfortunately, even though the year has barely begun, for far too many of us, it may already be time for a reality check. Chances are many of those resolutions have already been broken. Don’t get down on yourself. Not all resolutions are realistic or essential. We’ve compiled a list of seven simple New Year’s resolutions you can easily stick to.

1. Hydrate Properly

Sometimes it’s easy to forget to take care of yourself. In 2014, you must take the little steps necessary to ensure that won’t happen. The first step is to ensure you’re always properly hydrated. Get into the habit of drinking at least eight glasses of water daily and you’ll not only flush out toxins and meet your hydration needs, but you’ll also boost your metabolism. How? Research indicates that drinking a room temperature glass of water creates a thermogenic response within your body and burns almost 24 calories.

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