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Amp Up Your Exercises

Take your training to the next level. Increase the difficulty of your favorite moves without adding weight.

The Exercise: Deadlift

Amped Up Variations:

Snatch-grip Deadlift

For many lifters, the grip can be the most difficult part of a heavy deadlift. The snatch grip deadlift adds an extra challenge to the forearms and also the lower body by increasing the depth of the exercise. Begin with the bar resting on the ground. With your arms about two-times shoulder width apart (should be pretty wide), grab the bar with an overhand grip. Proceed through the lift as usual. The enhanced grip strain and distance to the ground should provide an increased challenge.

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Deficit Deadlift

The deficit deadlift utilizes distance as a key player in increasing exercise difficulty. An increased depth challenges your flexibility and strength levels in your low back, hamstrings, and glutes. There are two options for performing this lift. Lifters can either stand on a raised platform that still provides a firm foundation (think an inch to an inch and a half to start) or use weight plates that have a smaller diameter than a typical 45-pound plate. For the former variation, weight plates can provide a good foundation in most instances. For the latter, utilizing 35 pound plates typically provides a good starting depth. Perform the lift as usual making sure to pull your chest up on every rep as the increased depth will attempt to pull your torso forward.

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