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Amp Up Your Exercises

Take your training to the next level. Increase the difficulty of your favorite moves without adding weight.

The Exercise: Overhead Press

Amped Up Variations:

Push Press

With heavy loading, the traditional overhead press increases shear force at the shoulder joint. This may not be the best for lifters predisposed to shoulder pain. The push press utilizes the combination of upper and lower body power to load up the vertical press motion while reducing stress on the shoulder at the bottom portion of the lift. Start with the bar racked on the shoulders as normal. Dip slightly at the knees and hips to lower down into a power position. Explode up quickly out of the dip and drive the bar overhead. The addition of the lower body should allow you to lift more weight, hence increasing strength, while also emphasizing power and coordination.

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Chain Shoulder Press

Chains work in a similar fashion as bands, increasing the difficulty of an exercise as you near the lockout portion. At the bottom of the movement, the majority of the chain should be resting on the ground. As you start lifting the bar, the chain will raise up off the ground and add weight to the bar. Therefore, the weight increases as you get towards the strong point of the lift - the lockout position. Add a decently heavy chain on each side of the bar. Perform the first few reps with no additional weight as the chains can produce a different feel and be slightly unstable. Once you get used to the feel of having chains on the bar, add weight to the bar to increase the challenge.

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