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Amp Up Your Exercises

Take your training to the next level. Increase the difficulty of your favorite moves without adding weight.

The Exercise: Pull-up

Amped Up Variations:

Pull-up Changing Grips

For many guys, the grip element is one of the most challenging portions of the pull-up. Rather than performing more reps, challenge your grip even further by changing it every rep. This gives you the ability to also hit different pull-up variations throughout your set. Start with your hands about shoulder-width apart and perform a pull-up as usual. At the bottom of the lift, flip your right hand to an underhand grip. Perform another rep. Then switch your left hand to an underhand grip so you are in a chin-up position. Continue changing grips throughout your set.

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Foot-loaded Pull-ups

Traditionally, pull-ups are loaded around the waist with a belt and chain to attach additional plates. This foot-loaded variation increases the difficulty of the exercise by increasing core recruitment and forcing you to maintain full-body tension - an important component to maxing out on this pulling exercise. To start, place a kettlebell or dumbbell directly underneath the pull-up bar. Set your grip and then either slide the toe of one of your feet inside the handle of the kettlebell or use both feet to clamp down on the dumbbell. Begin performing the lift being sure to brace your abdominals and keep your legs locked out slightly in front of your body the entire time.

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