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Ask Men's Fitness: What Can I Do to Get My Calves to Grow?

Our expert explains how to build up this stubborn muscle.
Grow Bigger Calves

Q: I can’t get my calves to grow. What can I do in my training to add size to this stubborn body part?


The solution is simple, says James Grage, a former competitive bodybuilder and co-founder and VP of BPI Sports, a leading sports nutrition company. On whatever calf exercise you’re doing—like, say, standing calf raises— lower the weight in a slow two-count, take a slight pause at the bottom, then explode up.

“The gastrocnemius muscle is composed of fast-twitch fibers that are stimulated by explosive movements,” he says. “At the top of the rep, pause and squeeze for a moment before repeating the cycle. Do this for every rep.”

Remember: The key lies in explosive movement: “If you want to bounce,” says Grage, “get a pogo stick.”

And if you're looking forward to the release of the Entourage movie in June 2015, you'll totally remember Johnny Drama's obsessions with manly calves. 

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