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Basketball Skill Training: Defensive Lateral Speed

Prepare for March Madness by beefing up your basketball skills. Three training protocols to make you the ultimate defender.

Prime the Central Nervous System With Lateral Plyometrics

Similar to what we discussed with linear acceleration, priming the CNS will be beneficial to helping an athlete improve his ability to perform explosive movements. The drill below will help athletes become more efficient moving laterally, as opposed to linearly. Lateral movement places a different set of demands on the body so it's important to train the CNS to execute this movement pattern correctly.

Lateral Bounds for Height with Stick

Sets: 3 x 5 Reps each leg - Rest: 60–90 sec. Stance: 1. Get in the jump stance 2. Feet hip width, soft and springy (on the balls of your foot) 3. Knees slightly bent and rotated outward 4. Hips back (Hip hinge) 5. Lower and upper back arched 6. Then stand on one leg and maintain that position (modified jump stance) Push off: 1. Push off the leg that’s on the ground 2. Get triple extension of the ankle, knee and hip 3. Try to jump as high as you can (under control) Landing: 1. Land on the opposite leg in the modified jump stance (previously mentioned) 2. The only difference is land with a soft flat foot and quietly Note: Repeat this movement in the opposite direction. NEXT: Tie it all together >>



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