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Bellator Fighter Travis Wiuff on Discipline and Tattoos

Being a professional athlete requires dedication and Mixed Martial Arts requires a unique capacity for discipline.

Sometimes college wrestlers use credit cards to scrape sweat off their backs in an effort to drop weight fast.
I didn’t see that until I got into MMA, but yeah, we do that all the time. We actually use the key cards from the hotel room to do it when we have to. If you use a towel, the sweat goes right back on your body, so, you have to scrape it off. You do the arms, legs, chest and it’s actually kind of refreshing.

Doesn’t that mess up your tattoos?
[Laughs.] No!

What challenges you the most in training? What do you feel like you get the most out of?
I watch a lot of video of fighters in training and see guys lifting giant tires and swinging huge sledge hammers and all kinds of crazy things that I’d never even imagine or thought of. The best thing you can do is actually sparr, if I want to be a good baseball player, you’ve got to go out and play baseball, football the same thing. There are a bunch of drills I could do and that is part of it, but to be a good fighter I’ve actually got to go out and fight. I think we get caught up sometimes with new training techniques and philosophies, but the best thing you can do is go spar.

What about CrossFit?
I was pretty hesitant to try CrossFit. I thought I knew what I was doing in the gym. I worked on a five-week progress at a gym called CrossFit Progression owned by Matt Arnold. It’s been huge. I’m really surprised that I am really happy with the results. My last fight, I felt the best I ever had. My cardio was the best it ever was. I’ll stick with it now, it’s an excellent workout. I still felt strong even when I got my weight down there. I felt strong in sparring and in the later rounds. I didn’t think I needed a trainer like that, but it was a huge step for me to try it and I’ll continue to do it. Every time I go in there Matt has me doing something totally new.

You haven’t lost a fight since 2010, what do you credit that to?
It’s been going well. I was kind of bouncing around from organization to organization and I could Bellator. They picked me up and they’re a great place to work for the past few years. I like the tournament style. I like to stay busy and it’s good for me financially. I got right back in the gym after my last fight. As long as you stay healthy, that’s the key to being successful in the tournament. I had no layoff otherwise. Typically after a fight I might get pretty lazy, waiting six or eight weeks until my next fight is made. But with a tournament you’re right back in the gym. Moving to Spike helped them do a lot of great things. 



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