Build a Badass Workout With Bands

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Build a Badass Workout With Bands

8 resistance band moves you need for a total body shape up.

The elastic exercise band tends to get lumped in with the Body Bar, aerobics step, and Shake Weight as so-called “wussy” equipment, while the barbell and dumbbell are beyond reproach. But this isn’t a fair judgment, especially if you’re using high-quality bands.

We like the loop bands that sells. They’re durable and can be used for multiple purposes and numerous exercises. If a cheap one is all you have, you can make do, but elite’s bands are a good investment, especially if you plan on traveling a lot. lightweight and compact, they allow you to take your workouts with you.

What bands provide that no other equipment (except cables) can is accommodating resistance. Take the pushup, for example. The closer you get to locking out your elbows, the easier the exercise feels. The movement feels hardest when your chest is close to the floor. adding resistance to the pushup with a band will intensify the last few inches of the move—as the band gets more stretched out—making you work harder, and there’s nothing wussy about that.

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