DIY: 3 Ways to Make Your Own Weight Sled

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DIY: 3 Ways to Make Your Own Weight Sled

To boost your athleticism, pull a sled, recent research has found. 

After seven weeks of sled training, the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research reports, men upped their sprint time, jump height, and squat power. 

Late summer is the perfect time for some outdoor sled pulling, whether on a lawn, through a field, on pavement, or across sand. To increase the kind of explosiveness used in jumping, load the sled with weights equal to 20% of your body mass and do sprints; and for getting faster overall, sprint pulling 5–12% body mass, recommends study head Beatriz Bachero-Mena. Also, she says, warm up properly by sprinting as far as you’re planning to train before pulling the sled. 

If you’ve got some DIY chops, here are two easy, effective, and budget-friendly ways to build a sled, courtesy of strength coach and Men’s Fitness adviser CJ Murphy, M.F.S., plus one we just dare you to try. 

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