Get the Most Out of Your Trainer

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Get the Most Out of Your Trainer

So you finally took the plunge and hired some help? Make every second of your precious sessions count with these nine tips from top trainers.

How much do you want to lift? How much body fat do you want to drop? Write it down and come prepared to discuss it, point by point, at your first personal training session. Setting concrete fitness goals is crucial for achieving results, says Erin Mellinger, trainer and owner of Fitness Together in Poland and Canfield, Ohio. “Goals must be agreed upon by both parties. If your trainer tells you your goals are unrealistic, you need to trust his professional guidance and focus on more realistic goals.” Next, establish an action plan and include ways you can hold yourself accountable. Also determine the “why” behind the “what,” says Mellinger. “Keep your inspiration in mind every single day. When you’re tired or want to quit, knowing why you’re doing this will be your real motivator.”

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