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Get Stronger: 7 Reasons to Never Neglect Squats

Build more muscle and become a better athlete with one of the best moves in fitness.

Squatting variations like barbell back squats and front squats are a favorite among powerlifters, bodybuilders and other athletes for one reason: they work. Not only are they effective for building an insanely strong lower body; they also deliver a number of numerous benefits including increased hormone release and improved flexibility.

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Read on to find out why you should put aside your pride and make squats a staple of your weekly routine.

1. Increased hormone release

Total body exercises are potent stimulators for muscle-building hormones like testosterone and growth hormone. Because they involve almost every muscle in the body, the cause a great stimulus for growth. Load up a challenging weight to reap the anabolic hormonal benefits that will help you build muscle everywhere - not just your lower half.

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2. Enhanced core strength

Since squats are typically loaded from top to bottom, either in the form of a barbell or a dumbbell, your core has to work double-time to prevent injury and maintain an upright posture. In terms of building your six-pack, heavy compound exercises like squats should be a staple. Include front squats which involve a barbell held in front of your body for an increased core demand and to build insane midsection strength.

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3. Improved flexibility

By moving your body through a full range of motion, you’ll not only build strength; you’ll boost flexibility as well. Deep squatting helps to increase range of motion in the entire hip complex. The benefit: reduced back pain and an easier time getting around in daily activities or sporting events.

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