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Guarantee You're Fit for Spring by Doing One Quick Thing

All you need is a simple goal to stay on target, whether you're a runner, a lifter, or an unabashed sloth.

Not all fitness routines are created equal—so why should your New Year's goals? That's why we broke down a few basic strategies to make sure your body is ready for warmer weather long before the mercury starts to climb higher in April.

Runners: Sign up for a March race you’ll need to prepare for.

Lifters: Choose an exercise you purposefully avoid (split squats?). Record the weight you can do for 8 reps. Aim to add 30% of that weight at 12 reps to that baseline number by St. Patrick’s Day.

Bikers: Find a charity ride, send e-mails/tweets to recruit 10 co-workers to join in.


Sloths: A “100” challenge: one rep a day on Jan. 1, two on Jan. 2, up to 100 (spread throughout the day) mid-April. Pick burpees or pushups. Do not pick vodka.

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