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Improv Workout: Full Body 45lb Plate Workout

Stuck in a crowded gym or is equipment limited? Grab a 45lb. plate and try this 6-move full body circuit.

Editor's Note: Mike Simone

Improv Workouts is a series of workouts specifically geared for people stuck in jam-packed gyms or are faced with limited equipment such as a single barbell, kettlebell, 45 lb plate or a jump rope. Each week will highlight a unique workout. 

You don't need a full gym, massive amounts of space and all the weights in the world to get an effective workout i. Sure, it's much more convenient, but if you're in a jam, here's a full body circuit using a single 45lb. plate. (or 25lb/35lb - depending on strength)


* Complete as many reps as possible. [failure/exhaustion]
* Complete five rounds.
* Rest 120 seconds in between rounds.
* Add all your reps for a score.


MOVE ONE: Overhead Squat 

Press the plate overhead and stand with your feet in traditional squat position. Attempt to "stand tall" while squating.

MOVE TWO: Modified Upright Row/Clean to Overhead Press

Hold the plate in front of your with your hands on each side of the plate. Raise the plate up from your waist to your shoulders then explode upwards into a press. (your hands may change positioning slightly due to the shape of the plate)

MOVE THREE: Single Arm Bent-Over Row

Hold the plate with a neutral grip in one arm with other arm to your side. Complete as many reps as possible and switch sides. 

MOVE FOUR: Traditional Push Ups

Hit the floor and complete as many push ups as possible. 

MOVE FIVE: Floor Presses [for speed]

After completing your push ups your body will be a bit taxed - grab the plate and "press" just like a bench press but from the floor. Complete as many reps as you can, as fast as you can.

MOVE SIX: Russian Twists

Hop up into a seated position with the plate to your side in both hands. Slightly lean back and rotate the plate from one side of yuor body to the other while touching the ground on each side.



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