Men in Their 20s

Twentysomethings' testosterone levels are high, so you have a big desire to be sexually intimate and a need to build muscle mass. You should look like you’re in your 20s. Place more emphasis on muscle-building activities. You should be working out every other day, building up your core, your arms, and your legs. The one activity you should definitely be doing is pull-ups. You know why I love pull-ups? Because they force you to lift your own body weight. So when you’re tempted to eat something bad, you’re thinking in the back of your mind, “If I eat that, I have to lift that the next day.” You know you’re fit if you can lift your own body weight at least 10 times—that’s the bare minimum.

Check Yourself

No. of Push-Ups you should be able to do: More than 35 No. of sit-ups you should be able to do: More than 45 Health Screenings you should be getting: - Tetanus vaccine (every 10 years) - Influenza vaccine (every year) - Height, weight, waist, and BMI (every year) - Blood pressure (every year) - Oral exam (every year) - HPV vaccine (before 26) The Age Brackets:





Fifties and Beyond