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Live to Be 100

Simple fitness goals for your 20s, 30s, 40s and beyond that will help you hit the century mark.

Men in Their 50s and Beyond

The big epiphany—and this is going to blow your mind—is that the fitness level of someone who is 17 years of age is no different from someone who is 65 years of age. You can jump higher, and you’re a lot stronger at your peak age (which is 27), but your fitness level and endurance ability at 17 and 65 are the same. So you have to be able to stay physically active throughout your life. Guys past the age of 50 should focus more on endurance activities as they get older—things like biking, running, the elliptical if you have weak knees, and swimming. No. of push-ups you should be able to do: In your 50s: 15–19 In your 60s: 10–14 In your 70s: 6–9 In your 80s: 3–5 In your 90s: 1–3 No. of sit-ups you should be able to do: In your 50s: 20–24 In your 60s: 15–19 In your 70s: 10–14 In your 80s: 6–9 In your 90s: 2–5 Health Screenings you should be getting:: In your 50s: - Pneumovax vaccine (repeat at 65) - Colonoscopy (every 10 years) In your 60s: - Shingles vaccine - Hearing exam (every year) - Rectal exam (every year) The Age Brackets:









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