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March Madness Training: 4th Quarter Stamina

The basketball training prescription to keep you in the game until the final buzzer.

Basketball demands bursts of explosive movement from the athlete (linear and lateral) followed by the ability to recover between each bout. The most important aspect, and one that's commonly overlooked, is this ability to recover. Athletes that stay on the court into the fourth quarter are the ones that are conditioned to withstand fatigue or have the ability to more effectively manage their energy and recovery process. If you want to maintain your A-game through to the final buzzer, it's critical to develop your energy systems appropriately. We've taken a three-prong approach that attacks the following energy systems:

Aerobic Capacity

Aerobic capacity refers to the capacity of the cardio-respiratory system. Essentially, aerobic capacity is a measure of how efficiently the body is able to use oxygen during a period of time, and in this case, during a game of basketball. Developing your aerobic capacity improves their efficiency to utilize oxygen from the blood.

Alactic Power

The alactic energy system (creatine / ATC-PC) is incredibly powerful. The bodies energy currency is ATP and the alactic energy system is able to create ATP very quickly to produce very explosive movements. Training your alactic power output will improve just how efficient you can be during that 6-12 seconds in which the alactic energy system is utilized.

Alactic Capacity

In addition to improving your "alactic power," maximizing your alactic capacity promotes the increased storage of the phosphate creatine. In doing so, you're able to produce repetitive bouts of high intensity movements. NEXT: Your training prescription for serious stamina >>



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