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March Madness Training: The Box-Out, Rebound Body

Rule the paint with these compound, big movement exercises.

Some people view basketball as “soft” sport. These people have clearly never spent time in the paint with a 6'5" 270-lb. forward. In order to hold your own with the big men you need to be strong. Develop absolute strength by executing fundamental lifts correctly. By performing these movements, an athlete will build a great base level of strength, a tall posture and the stability to hold their ground when things get real down low.

Lift Heavy Weights

The deadlift (and it’s variations) is the ultimate all around strength builder for athletic preparation. The deadlift is a hip dominant movement that requires a proper “hip hinge” movement pattern. This pattern is the basis for all explosive lower body movements, i.e. sprinting and jumping. In reality the deadlift builds strength through the entire posterior chain, hitting everything on the back side of the body.

Conventional Deadlift

5-8 sets x 3 reps (progressively work up to heavy set of 3) 2-5 minutes of recovery Set-up position: 1. Feet hip width or slight narrower (jump stance) 2. Barbell over the middle part of the foot 3. Knees slight bent and rotated out (external rotation) 4. Hips back (create a vertical shin angle) 5. Lower and upper back arched (extended in neutral position) 6. Pull shoulder blades down and together (retracted and depressed) 7. Arms extended 8. Chin tucked (make a double chin) and head in neutral position 9. Brace the torso (fill the belly with air and lower the rib cage) Upward phase: 1. Take the slack out of the bar by creating an up and backward tension with the arms and lats. (Try and bend the bar) 2. Push through the heels (drive yourself away from the floor) 3. After the bar leaves the ground keep the bar close by pulling in a backward motion using the upper back 4. Once the bar gets passed the knees pull the shoulder blades back and hips forward into extension using the glutes Downward phase: 1. Begin by pushing the hips back (hip hinge) 2. Knees are slightly bent and rotated out (external rotation) 3. Keep the bar close to the body (pull backwards with the lats.) 4. Maintain a neutral head position by tucking the chin (make a double chin) 5. Finish in the set-up position NEXT: Get up, get rolling >>



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