The New Rules of Goal Setting

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The New Rules of Goal Setting

The best way to fulfill your 2014 fitness resolutions may be to not set them in the first place.
Leaving the process open-ended may not take as long as it sounds. The Change the Story Method has yielded some shocking results, as in the case of Ivonne Marquez, a financial analyst from West Caldwell, NJ, who dropped nearly 30 pounds and halved her body fat in under a year at age 48. “I started with the intention of working out so I could feel good,” Marquez says. After a few months, she was doing so well she set her sights on competing in a bikini contest and ultimately took fourth place. While she obviously had a deadline for getting into shape, Marquez says it never influenced her thinking. “If I wasn’t ready in time, that was OK,” she says. “I worked hard, learned to eat right, and got closer than I’d ever been before. It took the stress off me to think of it in those terms. It made me enjoy it.”

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