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Pro Tips: How To Be More Athletic

Striving to be the intramural all-star or the pick-up game ringer? Our two experts share their tips on how to be more athletic.

For the Strongman Who Wants to Run

Robins says strong guys who have spent a long time keeping cardio out of their training need to take baby steps at the start. “The first thing he needs to do is increase his mobility,” Robins says. “Maybe spending a little more time upfront in his workout in increasing motion… He might want to start with quick runs and sprints, stuff like that.”

“I think mentally, it sometimes plays tricks on guys if you start to lose size or strength, but if your goal is to improve your conditioning, then you need to make sure you get [that done],” says Durkin.

He recommends for a guy like this to simply cut back on strength training and fill that void with cardio. For example, if he’s used to doing one-hour sessions, he should think about cutting the strength training back to 40 or 45 minutes, then finishing with 20 minutes of cardio – two days of steady state cardio (often constant speed jogging or cycling) and another day or two of intervals. He says you should be able to get the same results whether you knock them both out (steady state and interval) on the same day or spread them out over the course of the week.

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