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Pro Tips: How To Be More Athletic

Striving to be the intramural all-star or the pick-up game ringer? Our two experts share their tips on how to be more athletic.

For the Marathon Man Who Want to Lift

Likewise, for distance runners, guys that only focus on cardio, he recommends two to three days of strength training each week for at least 30 minutes. He also says incorporating plyometrics into one of those sessions will help to increase explosiveness and power. Also, according to Robins, resistance training is hugely beneficial for someone who wants to improve strength while maintaining strong cardio levels.

Durkin and Robins avoid recommending CrossFit training programs for everyone, saying it really depends on the person. Neither one of them denies the potential fitness benefits of such programs, which encourage a high level of fitness in several areas of exercise, but they agree that guys need to be careful they don’t go overboard at the start, and instructors play an integral role in preventing injury and maximizing results.

“If someone wants to be versatile, the idea makes sense, but going to a place and just taking a workout that’s not necessarily built for how someone moves can be unsafe,” Robins says.

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