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Q&A: The Men of Animal Planet's 100 Miles From Nowhere

Three friends. Eight journeys. 25-mile days. One hell of an adventure.
Courtesy of Discovery

Animal Planet's newest series, 100 Miles From Nowhere, doesn't involve animals, though that depends on your definition of animal because we'd argue that the stars of the show are exactly that—in the best way, of course. 

100 Miles From Nowhere is entirely self-documented by Matt Galland (38), Danny Bryson (36) and Blake Josephson (39), three friends who traverse some of the most precarious and stunning locations around the world. They spend four days in each of eight separate locations—Hawaii, Mexico, Idaho, Belize, Arizona, Oregon, Chile and Utah (in no particular order)—trekking nearly 100 miles in each one and burning up to 10,000 calories running, rafting, skiing, even skateboarding to get to their survival bear box at the end of each day. All of their incredible journeys are a test of human endurance, mental fortitude, and guts (if not a shameless disregard for self-preservation.)

Don't miss this all-new, adrenaline-packed series coming to Animal Planet Sunday, April 5, at 10 PM ET/PT. To view the schedule and watch episodes, go here. Watch a sneak peak now and catch our exclusive interview with the guys who reveal what it takes to accomplish a mental and physical feat of this magnitude, how they prepared for the show, and some of the obstacles they faced while shooting. 


MEN’S FITNESS: What made you guys want to do this? Was this one person’s idea or something you thought up collectively?

MG: We’ve all been outdoorsy guys our whole lives. But for the last five years, I did a YouTube channel and it kind of got traction—enough where a lot of people started to see it, and it got picked up. We look for crazy places in the world to travel to—to do something really big and grand. Mostly we run because it’s the fastest way to get from place to place. We also do a lot of intensive rock climbing, white water rafting, and skiing.

MEN’S FITNESS: Can you give us a run-down of the series?

MG: We go four days at a time on these journeys and there are eight of them, so basically we’re going to have 32 days throughout the season. We carry cameras the whole time and we’re up on our feet up to 14 hours a day. Our biggest day on bike was about 65 miles and I think our biggest day running was around 30 miles, but we average about 25 miles a day. 

MEN’S FITNESS: How do you guys endure this kind of mileage day-in and day-out? 

BJ: It took years and years to build up to this. And then the other part of that is we have to eat a lot to keep our bodies going. We eat a lot of crappy food, candy bars, stuff that Men’s Fitness would not like, but it’s the only way to get those calories in us. 

MG: It’s a basic science. We’re burning up to 10,000 calories on our biggest days, and we need to replace those calories. At the end of each day, we reach a giant box that we call the ‘bear box,’ which is dropped off in a pre-determined location. We’ve had pizzas in there, donuts, fish…we have thousands of calories in that box. It gets us from one day to the next.  

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