While the Academy offers year-round sports camps for adults that range from a half-day to five full days, Ignite 360 is IMG’s main option for the ex-athlete or weekend warrior looking for a training experience that’s similar to Academy’s, but at a lower cost. Founded four years ago as a way for trainers to tap into IMG’s methodology for training elite athletes, Ignite 360 is now a gym all its own in Sarasota (neighbor to Bradenton) that caters to clients of all kinds. 

“It’s strength and conditioning for the general population,” says facility manager Liz Lowe, who writes the workouts. Similar to a CrossFit box, the Ignite gym offers functional training that mixes athletic movements derived from numerous training styles to increase strength, flexibility, and endurance. Workouts are total-body and progress in six-week waves.

“A beginner might come in and do lunges as part of a workout for the first six weeks,” says Lowe. “Then we might progress to lunges with an overhead press, and later to a plyo lunge while using battling ropes.” The prevailing and crucial difference between Ignite 360 and CrossFit, Lowe says, is the organized system Ignite 360 employs. (CrossFit assigns its Workout of the Day mostly at random.) “We’ve stolen a lot of CrossFitters because they get injured,” she says. “And we can modify based on injury.” 

While tuition at IMG Academy for a  tennis athlete, for instance, verges on $70,000 a year, the monthly rate at Ignite 360 starts at $139.A second location is scheduled to open in Sarasota this year, and there are plans to expand nationally in the near future. Ignite 360 is also certifying trainers in its methods so they can offer its programming anywhere. (Find out more at 

“I actually do [the workouts] with my son,” says Susan Roney Asselstine, an Ignite 360 member who’s also certified as a trainer. “You get flexibility, balance—all that stuff that gets lost in a regular gym.” As for those athletic ambitions you lost, well, you can find those here, too.

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