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The Skinny Fat Epidemic

Our experts identify the five ways a thin man can be fat and share how to lose the excess flab.

The Flab Coffin

The Condition: You look like someone grabbed you by your skinny, Popsicle stick legs and dipped you in a vat of flab. In other words, there's a thin, fit man under there somewhere, he's just been encased in layers of lard due to your leisurely ways. Cisco's Solution: To develop leanness, the majority of your workouts should consist of cardiovascular work done in the aerobic or "fat-burning" zone, which is about 70 percent of your max heart rate (or the rate at which you can still carry a conversation between labored breaths). Hit the treadmill, elliptical or spin bike three times a week for 45-minutes and incrementally build from there as you feel stronger. If you’re bored by, say, long rides, park it in front of the TV for a stationary spin. “I got in the best shape of my life watching all five seasons of The Wire” says Cisco. Then, sprinkle in a body weight-resistance plan throughout your day—"pushups, pullups, air squats, wall squats, planks, dips, and lunges can all be done anywhere with zero equipment." NEXT: The Fat Mask



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