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The Skinny Fat Epidemic

Our experts identify the five ways a thin man can be fat and share how to lose the excess flab.

The Assman

The Condition: You’ve got the large, childbearing hips of a matronly woman and more junk in the trunk than a Sir Mix-A-Lot video. Of all the skinny fat curses, this one is by far the worst because there’s no hiding your emasculating butt badge of shame. Cisco's Solution: Waddle on over to the gym and get a ripped rump by doing squats. “A big fat butt isn't attractive, but an athletic powerful one is. Just think of every Olympic track athlete you've ever seen. The key: Squats, lunges and deadlifts. Many people fear these exercises, and I've always thought that curious. When done properly they 1) make your back and knees bomb proof, 2) improve nearly any athletic motion you encounter, and 3) make your butt feel like it's made of steel. Be sure to get a session with a professional trainer to master the form; it doesn't take long, even on deadlifts.” 



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