Sports Injuries: The 8 Most Common Injuries

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Sports Injuries: The 8 Most Common Injuries

From the All-American athlete to the pick-up game ringer, here's the 8 most common injuries among athletes.

The image of Victor Cruz, the New York Giants Pro-Bowl wide receiver, crumbling to the ground, clutching his knee in the end zone during a game against the Philadelphia Eagles came as a stauch reminder that injuries can happen at any time. Mostly, when you least expect it. Cruz suffered a ruptured patellar tendon that will surely end his season and, from what some doctors have said, may alter his career. For those of us living an active and/or athletic lifestyle, it could happen to anyone -- but most of us don't have a team of expert physicans helping you get back into shape.

Any time you step out onto the field of play, whatever the sport or exercise and regardless of location, you always run the risk of some sort of injury. However remote that possibility is at any given moment, that repeated wear and tear on your body eventually adds up, leading to excessive stress on the muscles and joints that lead to injury.

In general, listen to your body, and do your best to distinguish good pain (general fatigue) from the bad (jolting or dull pains, excessive fatigue). Struggling to do those last couple reps might seem like a good idea in the short term, but it could ruin your progress in the long run with a damaging and lingering injury.

With the input of Dr. Michael Camp of, here’s a list of ten of the most common sports injuries you’ll want to avoid. Be conscious of them as you play or work out, as any one of them will throw a huge wrench in your training – not to mention the pain that goes with it.


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