Sports Injuries: The 8 Most Common Injuries

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Sports Injuries: The 8 Most Common Injuries

From the All-American athlete to the pick-up game ringer, here's the 8 most common injuries among athletes.

Often the unwanted product of repeated stress on the feet, plantar fasciitis is a painful condition that comes about when the tendon that runs along the arch of the foot becomes strained, making it feel tight and not as pliable as it should be. Symptoms vary, but many with the condition report feeling dull or even sharp pain during every step. In turn, this is something that could make you jealous of anyone able to walk without pain, so do everything in your power to avoid it.

Causes: A regimen that includes a lot of running and/or sprinting is often the culprit. Pair that with other factors like having naturally flat feet or using poor footwear that doesn’t provide enough support and you have a recipe for disaster. Other factors can include obesity, trauma or simply being on your feet a lot – hence the reason it was once called “policeman’s heel.”

Rehab Tips: Unfortunately, plantar fasciitis won’t go away overnight. It’s a gradual process and you have to be patient with it. Camp suggests rolling the arch of your foot over a golf ball, frozen water bottle or rolling pin for five minutes at a time to stretch out the strained tendon. Wearing a splint at night from a podiatrist, changing sneakers every two months, wearing thicker socks and stretching your Achilles should also help get you back to being comfortable on your feet.


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