Sports Injuries: The 8 Most Common Injuries

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Sports Injuries: The 8 Most Common Injuries

From the All-American athlete to the pick-up game ringer, here's the 8 most common injuries among athletes.

Causes: Quad strains can come about from a variety of factors – Camp says that any muscle imbalance between from the hips down to the toes can impact the quadriceps muscle. One common causes is simple overuse – pushing the quad further than you usually do on any given day, but there are several other ways to come down with it. Putting stress on the muscle when it’s not ready (like sprinting without doing a proper warm-up) is another common cause, while overstretching and trauma can be factors as well. The extent of symptoms run the gamut – many quad strains can produce mild discomfort, but some cause severe pain that will leave you in need of crutches.

Rehab Tips: Camp says that a foam roller is a must for the muscle’s recovery. After getting out those kinks, move on to exercises like straight leg raises, glute strengthening with clam shells, resisted side stepping and static lunges, moving up to walking lunges with progress.


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