Sports Injuries: The 8 Most Common Injuries

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Sports Injuries: The 8 Most Common Injuries

From the All-American athlete to the pick-up game ringer, here's the 8 most common injuries among athletes.

Causes: Any number of things can cause low back pain, a condition most active people are probably familiar with to varying degree. Camp suggests seeing your doctor if you run into a particularly debilitating onset of this pain, but it’s usually just something you have to be mindful of. Most of these injuries to the lower back occur from improper form in lifting or other exercise, trauma, sports or even just sleeping awkwardly.

Rehab Tips: There are several things you can do to stabilize your back after a bout of pain hinders you. If it feels serious, see the doctor, Camp says, then when you’re able, get back to exercising by working your glutes, hamstrings and core. Spinal mobility exercises like cat/camel and open book, planks and proper technique and position in various activities are all necessary to avoid further back problems.


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