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The Tennis Workout

Add these six exercises to your routine to bring your game to the next level

Want to sharpen your tennis game this summer? Rory Cordial, physical therapist and performance coach for American ATP professional tennis player Mardy Fish, incorporates these exercises to improve strength and power, while at the same time decreasing the chance for injuries. Cordial recommends using the Thera-Bands for your warm-up and integrating the rest of the exercises into your own workout routine.

1. Lateral Band Walks with External Rotation
Place a miniband around your ankles and hold a piece of Thera-Band palms up. Keep the elbows in at the side while you externally rotate your arms creating tension through the Thera-Band (this will activate your rotator cuff; pull your shoulders back and down). Maintain this position with the Thera-Band while you step laterally with your feet facing straight ahead in an athletic posture (always maintain tension on the miniband by not letting your feet get closer than shoulder width apart). Perform two sets of 10-15 yards in both directions.




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