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The One Hour Per Week That Can Change Everything

Five simple steps to improving focus and productivity.

You know the routine: Monday morning comes around, the moral hangover from the weekend sets in, and the anxiety of starting a new workweek is in full swing. It’s official: You have a case of the Mondays. Somehow we’ve come to accept this as our fate each week, but it doesn’t have to be that way. 

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When we're in the middle of our workweek things are clipping along and we seem to be in our groove. The coffee is flowing, we're tackling our work left and right, and we’re running around in full-on productivity mode. Then the weekend comes, and as creatures of habit, the much-beloved two-day break from the week can throw a total wrench in our momentum, forcing us to start over on Monday morning. Here’s where we stop the shredder in its tracks.

Sunday night. You pick the hour. Grab a pen and a notebook. Let’s get started.

On the left hand of each page you're going to put every hour of the workday on its own line, and at the bottom of the page you are going to write “To-do List” with several empty lines beneath it. Here’s where the magic happens.

  1. Write down every set appointment, phone call, or meeting you have for the week. Yes, this is redundant if you use an online calendar, but it’s worth it.
  2. Write in your workout schedule. Your job is to treat these time slots just like you would any other meeting. They aren’t missed, you simply work around them. Fitness alone can change your entire week. If you do one thing from this article, it is this.
  3. At the top of each page, write what your workout will be for that day. Rest day? No problem—still write it down. Putting this information at the top of the page builds the mentality that your health is non-negotiable, and it comes first.
  4. Fill out your to-do list at the bottom of the page with anything you can think of, personal or business related, that you need to do this week. Getting it out of your head and onto paper allows you to not constantly have it in the back of your mind.
  5. Write the tasks from your to-do list into the open times on your calendar, and voila, your schedule is filled with productivity and health. They don’t all have to fit into your day. Just start with the most important items, and work your way down the list to the least important. 

And just like that, your week has totally changed. You have gone from a morally depleted, stressed-out Monday hater, to an organized, efficient, “ready to take on the world” Monday lover. This one hour per week can literally change the game for you. 

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Adam Griffin is the Founder and Head Coach of Bodeefit, a high-intensity fitness app serving over 100,000 people worldwide. He's has been featured on Fox News, Under 30 CEO, Microsoft Spotlight, and Killer Startups. Griffin is also a part of the HUMANFITPROJECT contributor network.


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