The Top 10 Athletic Movements

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The Top 10 Athletic Movements

Mastering the moves that will make you an elite athlete in every sport.

Sprinting is a phenomenal way to develop power, as well as a ridiculous physique. If you’re an athlete, you best be sprinting, regardless of your sport. Sprinting is also incredibly taxing on the body. The high outputs are responsible for the impressive results garnered by performing them, but management of sprinting in your program is important. I recommend that you alternate between 3 types of sprints. Additionally, if you are using sprints to improve maximal speed, allow for complete recovery.

• Straight away sprints for distance – Get down to the nearest track, start with smaller distances of 20 – 100 yards. If you want to emphasize acceleration use shorter distances of 10-20 yards. If your focus is top end speed, utilize sprints in the 40-100yd range.

• Hill Sprints – These are amongst our favorite movements for all types of people. The benefits to sprinting uphill are plentiful. The top reasons being that you will recover from them faster due to the restricted output and lesser impact on your body. Hill sprints also force you to be in the most efficient biomechanical position. When searching for hills try and find one that is 50-100 yards in length, ideally on a grass surface (not pavement). Try to find a hill with a medium grade, not to steep, but not too flat.

• Sled Sprints – If you have access to a sled, these are also a great choice. In a similar fashion to the hill sprints, the added resistance of the sled will place your body in 45-degree forward lean. This is great for acceleration development and will strengthen the posterior chain (glutes and hamstrings). It will also have a positive transfer from gym strength to sport specific strength. When programming sled sprints it’s important to choose a resistance appropriate for your training level. If the resistance is too light then the benefits of the forward body lean and positive shin angle will be lost. If it’s too heavy then improper mechanics will be developed. Sled sprints are performed for shorter distances between 10 and 30-yards.

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