The Top 10 Athletic Movements

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The Top 10 Athletic Movements

Mastering the moves that will make you an elite athlete in every sport.

The kettlebell swing is a movement that will have a high transfer in developing athleticism. The swing offers up a few very powerful benefits. Here are two reasons you should be incorporated swings into your training program:

• Explosive power: The swing is very close to a true “ballistic” movement. This means that there is little deceleration; which likens it to a throw or jump. Every swing can be done with maximal effort. The benefit of the swing is that there is zero impact and the bell never leaves your hands, which means you can couple multiple explosive efforts.

• Hip hinge: The swing is essentially a dynamic deadlift. It is crucial to develop the hip hinge pattern if you are an athlete. After all, what separates the professional athlete from the amateur is often the ability to produce power from the hips.

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