The Top 10 Athletic Movements

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The Top 10 Athletic Movements

Mastering the moves that will make you an elite athlete in every sport.

Certain sports rely heavily on an athlete’s ability to generate rotational power. Every athlete will rotate at some point during their sport. Including rotational exercises is important, and should be included in a program looking to improve athleticism. There are many ways to get some healthy rotation, amongst the best are:

• Punching: You don’t have to be a fighter to punch! In fact learning to punch correctly and incorporating some basic punches is a great way to get moving, and learn to link the lower body and upper body into an explosive rotational effort. Take a boxing lesson, and go hit stuff once in awhile!

• Sledge hammer swings: Who doesn’t like to smash the crap out stuff with a hammer? On top of looking extremely bad ass, hammer swings build great rotational power, and torso strength. If your gym doesn’t have one, go out and grab your own. You can grab a hammer at any hardware store, and pick up an old tire for free! It’s a great low cost option to add to your training arsenal.

• Standing Chops and Lifts: This is a great way to develop rotational strength through the hips, torso, and upper back. At the same time it will improve hip and upper back (t-spine) mobility. You can perform these movements with a cable. Both chops, and lifts, will start in the athletic position. When performing a chop or lift it’s important to brace the torso (lower rib cage) to prevent any lower back (lumbar) rotation. The difference between the two, are that chops start from the top and lifts start from the bottom. Chops will start with the arms in an overhead position. The resistance will come across the body and finish on the outside of the opposite hip. Lifts will start with the forearm on the opposite thigh and the resistance will come across the body and finish in the overhead position (opposite shoulder).

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