The Top 10 Athletic Movements

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The Top 10 Athletic Movements

Mastering the moves that will make you an elite athlete in every sport.

It is very important to incorporate different movements that directly improve the function of the torso. The torso musculature is designed to absorb and stabilize forces that are created from the lower and upper extremities. Here are two different exercises that will increase torso strength.

1. Standing Belly Press and Hold: is a movement that requires stabilization of the torso by resisting rotational forces. When performing this movement make sure to be in the athletic position, two hands interlaced on a handle - attached to a cable column, and perpendicular to the resistance. From there push the hands away from the chest in a straight line and do not allow the resistance to disrupt the athletic position. After you complete the recommended reps, hold the last rep for a specific duration, 5 – 15 seconds.

2. 1-Arm Farmer’s Carry: This should be implemented in everyone’s training program. This will require the torso to resist rotating and bending. It will also increase your grip strength. When performing this movement it is best to use a farmer’s handle. If you do not have access to one you can use a dumbbell or kettle-bell. Make sure to keep an upright posture by squeezing the shoulder blade back and down, bracing the torso, and moving in a straight line.

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