Top 10 Most Superstitious Athletes

Gold thongs? Five-ply socks? These athletes take their quirks to the extreme.

6. Jason Terry

Easily the most superstitious player in the NBA, Dallas Maverick shooting guard Jason Eugene Terry's list of quirks includes eating chicken before games like Wade Boggs and wearing five pairs of socks while playing, but the 33-year-old's most bizarre habit occurs while he's sleeping. The night before every game, Terry goes to bed while wearing the shorts of the next day's opposing team. This compulsion has left JET desperately tracking down the right trunks on a bad night, but a network of equipment managers and fellow players usually hook Terry up.

5. Wade Boggs

There's a fine line between superstitious and obsessive compulsive and Hall of Famer Wade Boggs crossed it every night. The 12-time All Star attributed much of his success to a daily routine and refused to alter his habits. These everyday customs including eating chicken before each game (earning him the nickname "Chicken Man"), always taking batting practice at 5:17 and running sprints at 7:17 and drawing the word "Chai" (Hebrew for "life") in the dirt before coming up to bat. Boggs' undying allegiance to his superstitions helped lead him to one of the finest pro baseball careers of all time.

4. Patrick Roy

Perhaps the greatest goaltender in the history of the NHL, Patrick Roy was a firm believer in the power of superstition. Before every game, the former Montreal Canadien would skate backwards towards the net before turning around at the last second—an act he believed made the goal shrink. During the game, he would converse with the posts, thanking them when a puck was deflected and often touching them. This almost spiritual relationship with his goal earned him the nickname St. Patrick—and an unprecedented three Conn Smythe trophies.


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