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Top 25 Fitness Tips and Strategies from the Experts

Looking for the secret to fitness success? Here's 25 of the most valuable tips from our fitness professionals and experts.


16. Strengthening Basics
According to our personal trainers, if you want to build strength, you have to set goals and be patient. In the early going it’s important to be consistent and stick with your plan. When you’re in the gym, don’t get distracted. Stay focused on the task at hand. When you leave the gym, make sure you get proper rest and keep track of your progress. If you stay determined, your goals can be accomplished.

17. Motivation
Motivation is key. Cardiello advises to count down when performing reps and “look at your dominant hand while you’re pushing up.” He explains that it “automatically includes a positive reinforcement” because the dominant hand more easily and quickly moves the weight. Also, if you’re using the post-workout sauna time as a motivating factor, stop because it “actually impairs performance and strength two days later.” Instead, Cardiello suggests taking cold showers or even “ice baths to help replenish muscles.”

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18. Form Matters
When strength training, you’ll be putting your body through very strenuous activity, so it’s important to maintain proper form. Trink explains that by maintaining proper form “you’re guaranteed to activate the muscle groups that you are looking to train and, most importantly, you’ll stay healthy and injury-free.” He adds that the guy “who can stay healthiest can train the most and in the long run makes the most progress.”

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19. The Little Things
Ever notice how a bunch of seemingly insignificant things can make all the difference? Strength training is no different. Boyce explains that when you’re strength training you have to “pay attention to the little things” because “you’re only as strong as your weakest link.” As a result, he suggests that “if you notice a deficiency, address it in conjunction with your program.” 

20. Change Helps
If you want to make progress, sometimes you have to change things up. Why? LaCerte explains that it’s important because you have “to ensure that your body never gets adapted to what is coming next.” Once that happens, you may notice diminishing strength gain results. To avoid this possibility, LaCerte suggests that you could “switch up how heavy you’re lifting, your tempo of an exercise, your rep/set count, or what time of the day you’re lifting.”

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