The Top 6 Ways To Get Hurt in the Gym

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The Top 6 Ways To Get Hurt in the Gym

Love the gym, but afraid to get hurt? Here's the top 6 ways you could do more harm than good.

You're Overdoing The Plyometrics

Plyometrics are simply defined as any exercise that uses the stretch-shortening cycle, which is your muscles and tendons ability to store and release energy. Plyo’s, such as box jumps, bounds, hops and depth jumps have become increasingly popular recently due to their inclusion in boot camps and other group exercise classes. What people fail to realize is how demanding these types of movements are on your structures. It’s critical to start with a limited amount of reps (known as ‘contacts’) and build up as your connective tissue strength improves. So if you're spending an entire hour jumping, bounding and hopping you may be opening yourself up to injury.


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