Top Pro Tips You Need to Improve Your Golf Game

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Top Pro Tips You Need to Improve Your Golf Game

Bring your golf game up to par (or under!). Pros weigh in on how to boost your performance on the course.

Read The Green

You have to know which way the grass is growing to determine which way the ball is going to break,” Parnevik says. “Later in the day, the grass usually starts growing toward the sunset. that could cause the ball to break more that way. [And if there’s] water or big lakes near the green, grass tends to grow toward the water.”

“The color and shade of the grass is helpful,” laird adds. “If you turn and look one direction and the grain is darker and you look the other way and it looks lighter and shinier, the darker the color the more into the grain you are. It can make a huge difference on the pace of the putt.”


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