Top Pro Tips You Need to Improve Your Golf Game

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Top Pro Tips You Need to Improve Your Golf Game

Bring your golf game up to par (or under!). Pros weigh in on how to boost your performance on the course.

The Perfect Chip Shot

“Wedges are used around the green from 120 yards [away] and down,” Parnevik says. The goal for your chip shot should be to drop the ball on the green with minimal roll. With a more open face and heavier head than a traditional iron, the wedge is the club for the job. you can approach the swing in a similar fashion as you would a drive.

“[The chip] is a shorter movement, but the actual posture and swing is very similar to a drive,” Parnevik says. Know your limits— it’ll help in the end. “If you ask [an amateur] how long they hit a 7-iron, they’ll say 170 when it’s closer to 155,” Parnevik says. “Use more club than you think you’ll need.”


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