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Training Tips for Every Body Type

Push your progress into overdrive by understanding how to train better based on your body type - big or small.

Mesomorphs - Athletic

“The guy that gains muscle when he walks into the weight room.” Perfect mesomorphs are those guys who are naturally good at everything, without even putting in the practice. They have an athletic physique, a strong bone structure and have a better innate ability to pack on muscle very well, while also being able to gain more fat than ectomorphs and less than endomorphs.

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“These guys don’t really have to accept anything – they’re genetically blessed,” Durkin says. As a trainer for several professional athletes, many of whom tend to be mesomorphs, Durkin says that a combination of strength training and high intensity interval training work best for mesomorphs who want to pack on muscle and improve cardiovascular endurance while burning fat. Durkin says that if there’s one thing a mesomorph needs to accept, it’s that they need to make sure they maintain that balance between strength and interval/cardio training. In his experience, many of them gravitate towards the strength training and end up gaining more fat than they would have hoped.

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“They can get away with it for a while, but when [age] 40 hits, they can start putting on some extra weight because their metabolism isn’t as high as it was when they were 25,” he says.



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