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Training Tips for Every Body Type

Push your progress into overdrive by understanding how to train better based on your body type - big or small.

Endomorphs - Heavy

“The guy that looks at a doughnut and gains weight.” Endomorphs are often short, stocky guys who gain muscle well but also pack on fat effortlessly. They’re strong but also tend to carry around a lot of excess weight.

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Durkin points to good diet as the most important concern for endomorphs, followed closely by cardiovascular exercise. Of course, clean diet and running aren’t usually the easiest things for these guys to master, so it takes plenty of willpower. If you’re an endomorph, don’t abandon your lifting and strength training (we knew you wouldn’t anyway), just consider scaling back if you want to shed some fat. “A good, solid three days a week of strength training must be supplemented with at least three to four days of aerobic training as well.”

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Nutrition is rough for endomorphs – unlike the other two body types, they often don’t get away with cheating on their diets, and their bodies readily pack on the pounds. To lose weight and get leaner, do the obvious thing like lower your daily caloric intake and avoid junk food and empty calories. According to Livestrong, lean meats (such as fish and poultry), complex carbohydrates and fiber (vegetables and other sources) are all highly recommended to help endomorphs cut down on their intake while getting plenty of good nutrients.

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