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Two Tips to Increase Your Lifts: Squat

Stuck in a plateau? Try these two methods to increase your squat numbers.

Are you still stuck at the same number you have been at for the last year? Frustrated that despite visiting the gym religiously day in and day out you just can't seem to get stronger? If so, we have the solution to your problem. This week, we'll take a look at two ways to increase your squat with Jason Phillips. Incorporate the following assistance work into your program and start setting new PRs!

Two Strategies to Increase Your Squat

Tip One: Think Outside The Box

Box squats are a great way to learn proper squat form. It also breaks the movement into distinct eccentric and concentric phases. This teaches a powerful and explosive move from the bottom of the squat.

Do this:
Replace barbell squats with box squats for 4 weeks. When you switch back to barbell squats the improved form and explosiveness will carry over to a new PR!

Tip Two: Change Training Focus

Despite the fact that heavy squats are often associated with an impressive pair of quads, it is the backside (hams and glutes) that are responsible for a big squat.

Do this:
After your squats (or box squats), perform 3 sets of alternating reverse lunges, Romanian Deadlifts and glute/ham raises each for 10-12 reps. Watch your squat strength soar as you build your backside!


About the Trainer:

Jason Phillips, owner of Jason Phillips Fitness has a decade of experience in the fitness industry.  His clientele includes NFL, PGA, and NHL athletes as well as professional physique competitors, models, and of course the weekend warriors.  His unique approach has brought results to hundreds of people around the world.  Jason's work can found at


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